Empower Your Business with Coupon Marketing

Kupon.ca's innovative platform allows small businesses to build, and market to, their customers list through multi-stage coupon marketing strategies. What you can expect to get from using our service is:

1. Capture Leads

Capture Customer Name & Email and Expand Your List

2. Capture Feedback

Capture Customer Feedback and Understand Your Customers

3. Refer a Friend

Encourage Sharing Through Our "Refer a Friend" Program


How It Works

Coffee Cafe Example (Capturing Leads and Feedback)

Step 1 - Customer comes into cafe and sees a flyer that says "Subscribe to our mailing list and instantly receive coupon - Buy One Get One Free"

Step 2 - Customer opens up the web link provided and fills in his/her name and email address

Step 3 - Customer's contact information is added to the owner's mailing list. Customer automatically receives coupon in his/her email and uses the coupon right away.

Step 4 - Customer automatically receives a feedback request email after using the coupon that says "How did we do? Please complete a short questionnaire. As a thank you we will send you another coupon - Make Any Drink Large Size for Free"

Step 5 - Customer completes the questionnaire. Feedback is saved. Customer receives coupon in his/her email

Refer a Friend

Step 1 - Customer shares a web link provided in any email from the coffee cafe. (unique for every customer)

Step 2 - Friends of the customer visit the web link, subscribe, and use their coupons.

Step 3 - The customer who referred his/her friends receives credits. For every 10 referred active subscribers, he/she will receive coupon in his/her email.

Monthly Newsletter

When you opt-in to participate in our monthly newsletter, your customers will automatically receive coupons every month, encouraging returned visits.


Money Is In The List

Don't let others tell you otherwise. There is, indeed, significant value in building up your list containing customers' contact information.

For example:

You can use your list and execute an email marketing campaign introducing new drinks in your cafe. Or you can use your list to inform your customers about the change in location, or the new location that just opened.

When you have a list, you are in control of the connection between you and your customers.


Refer a Friend is Powerful

If you run a cafe and like the idea of "Buy 8 Drinks and Get One Free", why not introduce the idea of "Recommend Us to 8 Friends and Get a Free Drink"?


The first approach you get 1 customer and 8 sales and only one customer is incentivized will need to spend additional money.;


The second approach you get 9 customers and 9 sales where the original customer does not need to spend any money to be incentivized. In addition, all of the 9 customers are incentivized when they find out about such program.


These are 2 different marketing strategies offering similar incentives. There is no right or wrong in the world of marketing. We encourage businesses to execute and try out as many as possible. Each business is different and each strategy will perform differently for different businesses.


Know Your Customers, Grow Your Business

Most businesses have difficult time collecting feedback from customers. Having a feedback form is a good start, but it may not be effective for your business - Most customers don't have the time to complete the form on the spot. Even if they take home the feedback forms, the majority of them will end up forgetting about it.

Kupon.ca's feedback initiative allows your customers to provide their feedback whenever they want, wherever they are, without the hassle of physically filling up a form. Your customers will be more incentivized to do so with coupon offers and they will know exactly where to start.


Automation is The Key to Success

Our platform is designed with automation in mind. Our "set and forget" approach works perfectly with business owners who wish to focus on running the business.